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Downloads, Source and Dependencies

On this page you can download stable (and older) builds of the LinWarrior 3D opensource mech simulation game. Please note that this game is under development and probably will be for a long time. Don't compare it to something complete you have to pay for. The latest (usually stable!) code can be found in the publicly available GIT repository.

Release r19 is not yet scheduled

The Current release is 2010_12_31 r18

Advise for Windows users:

The newest release including Windows-Binaries is 20091108. Newer releases are source only. Search the web for "openal downloads" to find Windows-DLLs at creativelabs.

Advise for Linux users:

You don't need NetBeans IDE (6.9) in order compile the soure - "make clean all" is enough. And it is recommended to recompile. If you encounter random segmentation faults at startup then your distribution may still use the old OpenAL-Standard-Implementation (SI). This can be solved this by using OpenAL-Soft instead. You may need to tune OpenAL-Soft to get usable performance.

Advise for GIT users:

There's a repository on Gihub, too. You can get a clone after you have installed GIT via:
git clone git://github.com/hackcraft-de/linwarrior.git
This will already create a new linwarrior directory in your current directory and download the source-tree.

As for now this git-repository contains *all* datafiles - expect this to change. But it will always contain all *necessary* datafiles for basic operation.

Dependencies & Requirements:

+ OpenGL (GL,GLU)
+ Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)
+ OpenAL
+ freealut (ALUT)
+ GamePad heavily recommended.

Listing of Releases in reverse chronological order

Release of LinWarrior 3D 2010_12_31 r18:

LinWarrior 3D 2010_12_31 (3.7MB)

Hazy Blur release:

Enhanced Landscape Rendering
- crude geoclipmapping
- improved performance/quality
- more vegetation variation
- added normals for lighting

Enhanced Sky Model
- added morning and evening coloration
- overhauled cloud textures
- cold ambient and warm direct daylight

Enhanced Town
- procedural road textures
- procedural skyscraper textures

Enhanced Immersion
- added jump-jet-thruster vibrations
- added jump-jet lighting
- added simple message display

Enhanced World
- added location markers
- press P_ause to see zones
- one small step for editing
- added messages for introductory mission

Enhanced Internals
- changed message groups to dispatching objects
- refactored/cleaned a lot of previous work (esp. PCG code)

Enhanced Usability
- added simple loading screen with key-hints

This release introduces GLEW as an additional dependency. GLEW the Open GL Extension Wrangler makes using OpenGL-Extensions painless and portable. The previous release added some procedural content and development at that frontier is going on with this release. This release turns out to be a lot about graphics but there are some important steps towards a game. Notably there is some beginning of a story, a mission and finally a loadscreen. Behind the scenes there where changes for handling game events and towards an integrated editor. And yet there is a long way to go.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 2010_08_28 r17:

LinWarrior 3D 2010_08_28 (4.5MB)

Silent Noise release:

Added Procedural Landscape
- Procedural dunes.
- Decal objects.

Enhanced Sky Model
- Awesome Night-Sky - don't miss.
- Procedural Clouds.
- Procedural Galaxy.
- Solar bodies.

Enhanced Textures
- Explosion FX.
- Camoflage.

Input Enhancement
- Mapping of mouse to virtual gamepad for targeting.

General Graphic Enhancement
- Antialiasing/Multisample through option "--samples n" or short "-s n" with n 0 2 4.

This release features some preliminary heightmap terrain along with some graphical improvements and mouse aiming. The new terrain does not only add more visual detail but enhances gameplay a lot: More possibilities to duck and cover. Height differences can be used to your advantage.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 2010_03_20 r16:

LinWarrior 3D 2010_03_20 (4.3MB)

Hadron Collider release:

Enhanced Sky Model
- textured sun and moon.
- dramatic cloud layers.
- mystic textured mountains on the horizon.

Gimped Urban Textures
- Textures are unter CC-BY-license.

Pimped Proecdural Textures
- Simplex-Noise camoflage texture.

Cool Verlet-Integration of Constrained Particles
- Pure Physics - no fake (maybe some minor).
- Collision Detection + Correction faster and easier.
- No more sticking on walls - ai can walk "around" obstacles.
- No more bouncing.
- There is no spoon - just particles.

Weapons now using particles instead of rays
- Rays emulated through particle-trails.
- No more shooting through buildings.

Scalable Weapons
- Will allow customization.

Complex Loadable Models through text-based MD5Mesh-Format
- Finer models possible.
- More vehicle types to come.
- Easy moddability and community support (Blender and now MisfitModel 3D).
- CC-BY-license models.
- MD5Format-Exporter for MisfitModel 3D included.

Fixed a font-rendering bug on 64bit systems.

Timed message passing to groups of objects - in preparation for
- wingman orders.
- timed events.
- event passing.
- ai group coordination.
- mission scripting.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 2009_11_08 r15:

LinWarrior 3D 2009_11_08 (5.0MB)

Liberation release:
+ Added zone-damage.
+ Overhauled HUD.
+ Navigation-Computer.
+ Now log/linear hybrid radar.
+ Enhanced sample world.
+ Bound animation to velocity.
+ Tweaked physics.
+ Reintroduced sun and moon.
+ Now simple textured buildings and roads with streetlamps.
+ Added switchable view distance (1-9, 0 unlimited).
+ Adjusted controlls.
+ Reintroduced enemies targeting upwards.
+ Includes linux- and win-binary.
+ Preparations for further changes.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.5[beta 9] 2009_05_29 r14:

LinWarrior 3D 2009_05_29 (3.6MB)

Spatial-Space release:
+ Spatial clustering of units => faster object filtering.
+ Initial PVS, faster collisions => larger/detailed landscapes possible.
+ Logarithmic distance radar.
+ Improved frame locking.
+ Text and messages.
+ Base- & turret-compass-number.
+ Unit move- & aim-targets.
+ Weaker jumpjets.
+ Can run w/o sound when device busy.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.3[beta 8] 2009_02_08 r13:

LinWarrior 3D 2009_02_08 (3.5MB)

Birthday party release:
+ OpenAL positional audio.
+ Weapons sounds, vocal power-up sequence.
+ Ambient background drone.
+ Makefile with autodependencies.
+ Includes Windows-Binary.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 7] 2008_12_24 r12:

LinWarrior 3D 2008_12_24 (2.0MB)

+ Visual weapon modells (animated).
+ Ammo and clips reloading.
+ Ammo and clips in Weapon-HUD.
+ Homing-Missile aquires target.
+ Try all weapons in --mission 2.
+ Preliminary Doxygen comments and config-file.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 6] 2008_10_20 r11:

LinWarrior 3D 2008_10_20 (1.7MB)

Ground and Mountain release:
+ Blooming mountains.
+ Groundplane-Texture.
+ WAIT-Opcode with timeout for AI-Stack-Engine.
+ First campaign mission underway (--mission 2).

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 5] r10 (2008_09_21):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 5

Down-Town release:
+ Added Simple 3D-Texturing (no 2D-Texturing).
+ Citybuilder.
+ Pimped-Explosions.
+ Jump-Jet-Effect.
+ Single-Damage-Indicator.
+ GoTo and Repeat-Opcode for AI-Stack-Engine.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 4] r9 (2008_08_08):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 4

Lucky Number Release:
+ Inter-Object-Collisions & Physics

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 3] r8 (2008_07_13):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 3

+ Improved Head Up Display.
+ Improved Projectile-Collissions.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 2] r7 (2008_06_08):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 2
Gamepad release:
+ SDL and Gamepad support.
+ Contains (Linux) NetBeans C++ Project. + Hand compiled Windows binary.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 1] r6 (2008_05_17):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 1
On the way release:
+ Further refactoring and work towards SDL support but still GLUT.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.1[beta 0] r5 (2008_03_09):

LinWarrior 3D 0.61 beta 0
Modern-Line release:
+ New look.
+ Major source clean up and refactoring.
+ Now using NetBeans C++ for Project-Workspace.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.6.0 r4 (2004_01_11):

LinWarrior 3D 0.60
Finishes the LinWarrior Classic Line after a long idle time.

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.52 r3 (experimental):

LinWarrior 3D 0.52

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.51 r2 (classic version):

LinWarrior 3D 0.51

Release of LinWarrior 3D 0.50 r1 (2000 very classic version):

LinWarrior 3D 0.50
First release version, mainly programmed over winter holydays 1999.