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...in stills and motion.

Asset Videos

"Mech Thunderbird" model and recording by Skorpio23

Tech Videos

Recording by qubodup. The video gives a good insight how level of detail works in the landscape engine.

Milestone Videos

"Linwarrior Mech 3D Gameplay for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows [git2012-09-13]" recording by qubodup. git HEAD 2012-09-13 (r18+progress)

"[mute] LinWarrior Gameplay (git 2012-06-09) Free Open Source Mech Battle Game for Linux and Windows" recording by qubodup. git HEAD 2012-06-09 (r18+progress)

"Testing LinWarrior [Jul 17 2011] (Open Source Linux MechWarrior like game)" recording by qubodup.
2010_12_31 r18 "Hazy Blur"

"testing LinWarrior 3D 2010_08_28 aka Silent Noise [MUTE]" recording by qubodup.
2010_08_28 r17 "Silent Noise"
Recording without sound

"LinWarrior 3D 2010_03_2 "Hadron Collider" [ground recording bug]" recording by qubodup.
2010_03_20 r16 "Hadron Collider"
Note that there was a bug in recording hence no visible ground - looks good anyway ;)

"Bashing buildings & mechs in Linwarrior 3D 2009_11_08" recording by qubodup.
2009_11_08 r15 "Liberation Release"

"First Steps in LinWarrior 3D v2009_05_29" recording by qubodup.
2009_05_29 r14 "Spatial Space"